Chapbook A Wilderness, Gazing Grain Press
Full-length My Heart But Not My Heart, Slope Editions
Full-length Animal Mineral forthcoming from YesYes Books

In Print

Four poems in West Branch, issue 91
“Mary Shelley” in Fairy Tale Review’s “Translucent” issue
“Mary Shelley” in Best New Poets 2016, chosen by Mary Szybist


“Lacuna” forthcoming in Tinderbox
“Life-Size” and “A Haunting” forthcoming in diode
“Loom” in Protean
“Wilderness with Filed Nails” in Poetry Daily (originally in West Branch)
“Overwintering” in Cosmonauts Avenue
“Wilderness with Conqueror’s Gaze” in Verse Daily (originally in West Branch)
“Spectrum” in DIAGRAM
“To Know, To Realize, To Carry a Weight” in FANZINE
excerpt from A Wilderness in The Boston Review
“Everything Kept Happening Anyway” & “Letter to Nina” in Pinwheel
excerpt from My Heart but not My Heart in PEN Poetry Series
“Bridle” in TYPO
“Disappearing Trick” & “The World of Lost Things” in The Adroit Journal
“Rose Quartz” & “Blush” in Powder Keg
Three poems in The Boiler
“Song” in Birdfeast
Three poems in Pretty Owl Poetry
“Mary Shelley” in Prelude
“Universal Principles” in Linebreak
“Medusa” & “In Which Our Hero Becomes a Masked Vigilante” in The Collagist
“The Scientist and the Monster” in Boxcar Poetry Review and selected for the 2012 Best of the Net Anthology